i will never let you go

i will never let you go

i will never let you go

LTME-postDear Madoda

I wish i had told you about what i did before you found out about it and i wish i had accepted my fault from the moment you asked about it

Im sorry Autumn ..im sorry for breaking your trust for me and acting all psycho on you..i really miss all the times we had..i miss being in your arms..i miss being your Queen and having you by my side

I miss my lover..the father of my kid..I Love You so much and i wish that you can understand that

I regret not telling you how i feel the moment we broke up..im sorry that it took me soo long to apologise..and i hope that you forgive me and realise that you will forever be the love of my life..my Rock..

Please forgive me and realise that i will never let you go..our memories are still fresh in my heart and they will stay there forever..weve been through far more and worse that that

I Love You


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