You’re a poison i hope you die a painful death

You’re a poison i hope you die a painful death

You’re a poison i hope you die a painful death

Its been three days-for you maybe 3 years. I don’t know. The first time i knew i should have left you was when i became bipolar. You’d always push me to have an episode. Our arguements would push me over the top.

Then you started having affairs. First it was with a girl. I remember clearly now. You did it- then made me choose whether to leave or love you. You never said sorry. You just acted like it was nothing.

Then there was Him. For 4 months you slept with a guy. You put me through hell. You told me there was no one – that you were just bored with us. I remember crying every night for you. Then you broke it off and came back.

I should have left.

I loved you though. So i stayed. You were poor so i helped you with the bills. Not that am rich, am still in school you know. But i tried. So i stayed.

9 months later our first kid. I should have left. You’d hid him your entire pregnancy. Thinking about it, maybe everything’s that’s happening is because you know he may not be mine.

Anyway. We kept going. I raised him. Shared in his joys and tears. I thought a child would change you. But you remained selfish. You did what you wanted without thought for how it would make me feel. You kept having affairs. Some not sexual but there were always other men.

All this time i stayed. And finally now you’ve left. Before leaving, you made sure to hurt me about my erectile dysfunction. You let me know you thought i was less a man. You made sure you hurt me to the core. Then you walked out. Am happy you did though. Am sad you did. You’re toxic. Poisonous and am scared for your son. But there’s nothing i can do now. You’re already with another man. 3 days it took.

Goodbye Pauline. I hope to God karma gets you.

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  1. Mistergoodguy 5 years ago

    Someday you will see beauty and strengh in your actions.
    Raise your head and try to be positive, good things are coming to you

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