LTME-postHello stranger

Once upon a time we knew each other so well didn’t we?? We hung out like two peas in a pod. Best friends, inseparable but now?! Now you and I could be living in different states and would either of us truly care?? Maybe? Do we even miss each other truly?? Who could say.

As time passed we became strong on our own, no longer needing each others company and found comfort in new arms.

Although in typing all of this, from time to time I become sad and still whisper your name in secret. You were all I looked forward to after a long day of work. It was you I loved.

I must admit it was hard when you left me so abruptly. It was hard to make sense of my reality. A life without you was not something I had prepared for.

Unfortunately for me, it hurts that I still love you.

All I want is for you to do well and for you to be well. I want you to be successful in love and life.

From your ex soul mate.


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