I wish I chose you over him

I wish I chose you over him

I wish I chose you over him

LTME-postMy superman,

I’m sorry if this is out of the blue. I think I never really gotten over you. I know that I’m married and I have 2 kids and it is stupid that I’m still pining over my high school sweetheart. I just wanted the dreams to stop. They aren’t nightmares, opposite of it. It’s pleasant dreams, actually. I keep having them for the last 6(?)yrs. They weren’t frequent either it just happens quite a few times and it happened again tonight. In my dreams we ended up together. Maybe in another universe we did, maybe the dreams are manifestation of it. I don’t know. I’m so disappointed everytime I wake up realizing it wasn’t real. I so badly want it to be real and the ache doesn’t stop. And I know I shouldn’t be the one being miserable about it because I was the one who didn’t choose you. Maybe it keeps haunting me because part of myself think I made the wrong decision. I just wanted you to know that I never meant to hurt you and I’m sorry. Really sorry. I hope you forgive me. I’m not expecting anything. I just want your forgiveness and I just needed to get this out of my system. I hope you lead an amazing life. And by sending this I hope the dreams stop as well.


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