Dear You…

Dear You…

Dear You…

LTME-postso.. it’s me. i’m pretty sure if u read this u know who it is. March 28, 2014 will always be in my heart, it will always be the date i remember. The first year was amazing, we were perfect for eachother and i was deeply in love with u… for the next year, we broke up once or twice or soemthing and we constantly faught over jealousy issues… so now we hit the 2 year mark. a couple months past this around september of 2016, things completely changed. We stopped communicating and asking how eachothers day was, we started fighting more often then getting along. I don’t get it, we spent every day of the summer together, u were more then my boyfriend. u were my best friend. We managed to get over what ever happened from september to november. January… it’s a new year, new us. we didn’t talk at all this month, maybe a couple days here and there. February, we just talked about valentine’s day. that’s it. we managed to hang out the day after valentine’s day because that’s when we could fit eachother into our schedual. march 2017… we hung out on the 28 because it was our 3 year mark. we spent the day watching movies.. it was amazing. we didn’t argue or fight. it felt great to be with u and to see u and to hear ur voice… now. oh look at us… we haven’t said more then 20 words to eachother since. it breaks my heart seeing us end the way we did, because how we did… all u said was this wasn’t a relationship anymore. i’m here to apologize for all my dumb mistakes, all my insecurities.. all the times i caused a fight. 3 years is a lot to give up, i’m not gonna lie… and i will still… love u till the day i die and i am very appreciative of getting to spend the past 3 years with u, over the times we went camping, or laughed till we almost pissed our pants. we have great memories which in fact, i will cherish forever. Thank you… thank you so much for keeping me sane, once again… i am truly sorry for everything i have done, i would do anything to make it back to how it used to be.

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  1. Joseph 3 years ago

    It’s weird how so many of these remind me of the things that I went through

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