You wonder why I’m so mad?

You wonder why I’m so mad?

You wonder why I’m so mad?

LTME-postWe dated for 3 1/2 years after we divorced, and I thought things were ok. Yes, we lived half an hour apart but I went over there as often as I could while still trying to get things done around my house. I cheated on you, yes, but tried so hard to prove to you I wasn’t going to cheat anymore, tried to win your trust. What do you do?? Distance yourself during our last “month” together and answer an email from someone on a dating website I never knew you had, go out to dinner with her twice in two weeks that I know of, maybe more that you never admitted to, and then tell me about her. You used her to break up with me. And then lied for weeks after about her and how you met. You used all sorts of excuses…she emailed you first, she is blond, I stopped coming over when my best friend moved back in the area, and the only reason I came over one night before a race was because your sister was in town. Grrr It wasn’t my fault you cheated!!! Not mine, but you don’t take responsibility!!! Now you say we aren’t together because we both cheated. You never apologized. She is what you wanted and yet you would tell me you missed me, wanted me to take a road trip to you, wanted me to watch your dog so you didn’t tie down your unemployed girlfriend. Taking the road trip wasn’t her responsibility, since you were taking stuff down to our son in another state. You complained about the drive to my house yet you will drive to hers, where the traffic can be considerably heavier. You rarely stayed at my house and expected me to come to you, when you spend 4 nights a week at her house and she rarely comes to yours. I don’t get it. You said tonight you could trust her. You didn’t even know her!! Can she trust you?? You started seeing her before we even broke up, I doubt you told her that. You said you both were open and honest about your communication, but then told me later you lied to me about that because it’s what I wanted to hear. What the heck?? Come on. You said you both wanted me to move on, yet you never even gave me a chance to say anything or let me know you were unhappy. I was working a lot, yes, but I have bills and our son was living with me with his crazy ex. I had to keep an eye on her, and you never made the effort to come see me. In the same week you started seeing her, you wanted to go out to dinner with me twice!!! Why?? Why did you do that?? I knew you had someone else and seemed to be happy with her. I saw you at our other son’s concert the other night with her…she adores you. I mention how people say you seem to be happy..yet you say no. What kind of games are you playing?? If you’re happy, then say it. Otherwise, leave her. Or are you too chicken?? Why can’t you be a man and say something?? You tell me she has emotional problems…she was bullied at work and so she left, after filing a lawsuit against them. Which she had to drop because she wouldn’t win. She quit that job without a back up, and has now been unemployed for the majority of your relationship. She smokes like a chimney, she isn’t that pretty and resembles your first wife. So go on with your bad self. And you wonder why I’m so angry??? You still have lingering resentment about my leaving and my cheating, and it’s been years since I’ve done that. It’s only been 6 months and I’m not allowed to be angry??? Oh yes, and let’s not forget that you wanted me to go to Thanksgiving with you and our boys to be a buffer between you and your family. Chicken. Can’t handle your family alone??? Wow.

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  1. Nicholas 6 years ago

    this is what happens when you cheat. You open up a Pandora’s box of cyclonic pain. You’re getting what you deserve.

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