Now I can finally hate you.

Now I can finally hate you.

Now I can finally hate you.

God I just want to fucking thank you so much. It has been 5 months since you broke my heart the night after taking me to the school Sadie Hawkins dance. You lied that entire night, took me to dinner (which I paid for), kissed me, danced with me SLEPT WITH ME and told me you loved me. 10:00 a.m. the next morning, “we need to talk.” I should’ve left your sorry ass right then. Knowing you played me the entire night before KNOWING you would break up with me the next morning, so why was I still so sad? It’s because I actually fricken loved you with my entire sixteen year old heart. You could’ve done whatever you wanted to me and I never would have gotten mad at you. For the last 5 months I couldn’t move on. I couldn’t move on even when you got with the girl who has bullied me for over a year, or when you touched me again then touched her the same way the next day, or when you blocked me on everything, and told me to kill myself. I still loved you when you started the rumors that made me skip school almost everyday. So this is my final FUCK YOU. God finally I found out the last thing I needed, you cheated on me. Before we broke up, and you cheated on me with HER. You told me you’d never hurt me as long as you lived and it took me 5 months to move on when I should’ve smashed your car windows a long friggen time ago. Now you think you can look at me after what you did. After you made the school think I am such a big slut? After I became the bad guy and have to eat lunch by myself everyday and why guys only wanna talk to me when they want to sleep with me. YOU my friend are the biggest asshole I have ever met. The girl is in my class as I write this and I don’t know if I will be able to look at either of you now without wanting to throw you against a wall. But that would just make me the bad guy even more wouldn’t it? Oh you fucker, I cannot believe I wasted my first kiss, my first everything on your sorry ass. You knew that was the lowest you could go , the worst part was you didn’t even love her, you just wanted to scratch an itch. Was I not enough for you? Because I am pretty damn sure I went out of my way to make sure you never had an itch and you had everything you needed, with nothing in return. Then you fucking lied to me? Made me think it was my fault that we broke up? I tried to kill myself and you told me to go ahead. You know what? I wish I would’ve because you would’ve had to live with that for the rest of your sorry life. I wish everyone knew what a no good sorry cheater you are. I hate you so much and I wish I had never laid eyes on you. Fuck. You.

Watch your back,



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