What’s left of it all

What’s left of it all

What’s left of it all


My voice has disappeared. Your wrath and anger have silenced me forever. You led me like a dog. Like I was worth nothing to you. You say you were the toy, yet here I stand saying you were the player. You ruined me. Silenced me in my pain. Silenced me in my joy. Only to hold me down while you had your fun. I was nothing more but a child to you. You belittled me. Never respected me. I demanded apologies, yet I was the one apologizing. You held my head down. Forced yourself upon me. You never took the blame, you made it so you were always the victim. Your way made me the bad guy. You always talked of other females, even your own ex, in such a way you would never talk about me. You never talked about me. You were always on my mind, I was never on yours. You took my heart and shattered it more than ever. You hated me. You broke me. You treated me like shit. Only taking and taking. Acting like it was I who took. You took my money, my heart, my life, my virginity. You took everything, and left me to die on the curb. You hated when I was happy. You hated when I wouldn’t do thing your way. You claim you were the victim. No, you weren’t. I was. Now, you’re going to pay.


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