LTME-postDear You,

The day you drunk texted me that you would always choose your career over me was the day you broke my heart. The relationship after that was me trying convince myself that you were worth the heartache. That the years we could’ve had together would outweigh that one inevitable choice that would eventually split us apart. The times when we were in the presence of each other were great. I whole heartedly believed that we were meant for each other, but when we were separated it was different. You were always stressed about your life and always playing catch up with it. It was hard to make plans with you and sometimes even harder to communicate with you. After volleyball season was over I had hoped we would spend more time together, but sadly it didn’t happen. After you took the GRE, I had hoped we would spend more time together, but then you told me your plans for winter break, and spring semester, and the summer. I realized that all those plans had no room for me. I’m not gonna lie it hurt. You stayed true to your statement, you really did choose your career over me. I didn’t want to be your number one priority. I didn’t want to have you choose me over your career. I wanted to support you and watch you achieve your dreams, but now I realize I can’t. I don’t want to feel like priority number ten in anyone’s life, especially my girlfriends. It just hurts too much knowing I put my all into our relationship only to get half of it back. But it’s fine, what’s done is done and you made your choice. There’s nothing selfish about pursuing the things that make you happy, and I fully support that decision. Unfortunately I cannot walk that path with you. I need to move on.

I wish you the best,


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