Why her?

LTME-postDear Reece,
It’s been almost 3 months since we broke up. It could’ve been 3 months of being together. We weren’t even together that long, but it feels like we did cause we used to be best friends. I honestly wish you picked me instead of her. She hurt you so much. You had to come to me most of the time for help. I let you be real with me too, yet you want her? What the heck?
You only started dating her cause she looks like me. That’s so sad. Honestly, like if that’s the reason why you started dating someone it’s just sad. You just couldn’t wait for me when I felt scared of relationships in sophomore year so you went for someone who looked similar to me. Does she even know you like I do? Does she know how much you praise monstercat? Does she know what your “fancy” meal is and how to make it? Does she know how sensitive you are and how amazing you can be?
NO, BECAUSE SHE SUCKS THE LIFE OUT OF YOU! SHE CONTROLS EVERYTHING YOU DO AND IT’S SO SAD TO WATCH. She treats you like a puppet. If you say “oh she’s changed” I’m gonna tell you now that she’s lying. We both know how she is, she changes for a day then goes back to how she used to be. You told me and promised me, you would never go back to her because of how bad she treated you. We never break promises, Reece. We never do. You broke all of yours by making one simple choice.
We promised so much. To be best friends forever, to love each other forever, to always be there for each other, to never leave each other, to never let someone get in between our friendship, to always be honest to each other, etc. etc. YOU BROKE ALL OF THOSE! We’re not best friends, you’re never there for me, you left me, you let her get in between our friendship, you lied to me saying that you two were only friends, and worst of all you don’t love me. You probably never did…
That’s what hurts the most. I liked you since we were freshman and loved you since we were sophomores, now were juniors and I still love you like you’re gonna be my last which I know won’t happen. Cause she’s blinded you. She changed you to dress like a fboy. You never used to wear Adidas or Nike! Now you wear them religiously, not to point out your bag is Adidas too! You used to wear t-shirts with skulls and flames on them, you used to have blue hair, you used to be so weird that I’d laugh and cry at the same time just because you told some lame joke.


I say that with no spaces cause there’s no room for anyone but you. Just answer me one question…

Why her?

– Sherlyn


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