LTME-postOn October 17, 2016 we had sex. You were my first I was only 14,years old! You were 17 one year to move. I don’t know why but I fell in love with you truth is I still I’m. Everyone found out I was pregnant but you denied it said I was lieing then blocked me. I tried everything to get your atenchin I didn’t know what to do. I was scarred to death. You acted like I didn’t even matter so on December 16, 2016 I got a abortion. It hurts till this day and I moved away so did you but now you tried hittin me up were where you when I needed you? But the thing that hurt the most you had a girl. I didn’t not know that so It’s all good and then I seen her leave your huddy on your porch and she ran. You live right across the street that was hard for me but now your trying to hit me up and I fell for it so I started fallin again I love you I always have and now your postin another girl on your Snapchat I’m honestly done. It’s gonna be a whole year now that we lost are baby I never wanted to do that but it was for the best so I think. Not a day goes by I don’t regret it. Wish things were different. Bye E.R from the girl you never sleep with!

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  1. Melinda 5 years ago

    Dear E.R,

    I read your letter. I think the person you love doesn’t love you, in fact, he doesn’t love the other girl either. You both are young and you will find your love later, who is mature, handsome and smart. I’m really sorry about the abortion, it’s terrible to expect a child and even lose him/her at such a young age.
    I think you love him because he was your first. I understand. But trust me, love will find you later. You should remember: You are strong, beautiful and smart. You should focus on your studies now, improve yourself, and live your life!

    I hope everything is getting alright!


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