Fuck you and fuck your laundry detergent

Fuck you and fuck your laundry detergent

Fuck you and fuck your laundry detergent

LTME-postEvery time you hugged me, every time you even walked past me, I smelt your god damn laundry detergent. I won’t lie to you, I loved it and I always complimented you on how good you smell. We went to prom together, as best friends of course (another eye roll). You kissed me twice on the way to prom, held my hand the whole way there, kissed me in the god damn photo booth. My feet were tired so you sat down with me for a bit, you pulled me close against your chest and I looked up at you and I think you can guess what I said…”You smell so good” (rolled my eyes and shook my head). We went to the after party together and we kissed right in front of all your friends. The next day we were both still on the high of the night before, we set each other as the back grounds on our phones (eye roll and a big ass sigh). We told each other we had feelings for each other, and everything was great for maybe a month. Then all of a sudden you stopped talking to me, you didn’t FaceTime me anymore, you told everyone BUT ME that we broke up, you never showed up on my birthday nor got me anything, and when I had surgery YOU HAD A PARTY THAT SAME NIGHT AND GHOSTED THE NEXT DAY. I see you every single day at school, of course we have three classes to together. Truly, I’m not sad about it. I’m pissed. We were best friends, if you didn’t feel the same you could’ve fucking told me!! You try to talk to me like nothing happened and it angers me even more. I never deserved to be ghosted, especially by a guy that wears LAUNDRY DETERGENT INSTEAD OF COLOGNE. So fuck you and fuck your laundry detergent. Go buy some god damn cologne.


  1. Kim 9 months ago

    this is the best fucking thing i have ever read

  2. P M 9 months ago

    Lol….who wears detergent as a cologne. You can do better….

  3. Thotty 9 months ago

    okay i love this

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