I miss you

I miss you

I miss you

LTME-postDear the love of my life who forgot about me,
I’m writing this because I’m lost and afraid. It’s been exactly a year since I first met you. It’s been a long, regretful year. After you left me I was lost. I met Andrew 6 months after you left and we started dating. I dated Andrew for 4 months. I recently left him because you’re all I can think about. I dream about you every night. I dream that you came back and you stayed. Each morning I wake up I lay in bed and cry because it was only a dream and I know that you’re never coming back. Each day is another battle. Everytime my phone rings I hope it’s you. I don’t want to respond to anyone if it isn’t you. I love you and I don’t know how I’m ever going to get over you. You’re all I want and it’s going to be such a long, disappointing life without you. I let you down and I’m sorry. I made you believe I was this monster but that wasn’t me. I hurt you and I betrayed you to the point where I hate myself for it. It’s 12:37 am a year later and I still can’t sleep knowing that you don’t love me when I’d do anything to have you back. I’m sorry. For everything I put you through. You deserve to be happy and you never could’ve been even remotely happy with me. This is what’s best for you and I’m going to let you be happy even though I’m broken inside. I love you tj

-the girl you don’t even know anymore.


  1. Author
    Rachel 8 months ago

    Oh wow. Your pain is visceral. I hope you can move past this and find some peace in time.

  2. D 8 months ago

    I feel sorry reading your letter. My story isn’t exactly the same, but I share a lot of the same emotions, including writing letters to myself in the middle of the night. I hope you find your peace. This stuff is hard.

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