I just wanted to ask you how you could do that to someone who loves you with their entire being? How did we mean nothing to you? Nothing you did was worth it, all it did was hurt both of us in the end. I’m in a constant battle between my heart and my brain of wanting to run back to your arms or do what I know I have to do, which is deal with the pain until it’s gone. I can’t let myself go back to someone who lied to me and hurt me in that way, but how can I still love someone who did that? How do I still love you after what you’ve put me through? Seeing you is the hardest part, hearing your voice, making eye contact that speaks 1000 words. You hurt me so deeply, built me up and then broke me down until I was nothing, you ran away when I least expected you too, and then I found out the truth about you. I truly hope we meet again in the future when you’re a changed soul who would never do that to me again.

I’m angry and I want to hate you but I can’t.

I love you so much my darling.

and i wish i didnt


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