You’ll never understand

You’ll never understand

You’ll never understand

LTME-postI don’t think you’ll ever really understand how much you hurt me. You always said you struggled with feelings but I never could believe you. Shame on me because your lack of any kind of empathy or affection when you dumped me just made me feel more worthless than I already did.

A part of me does hope that at times you look back and regret your decision. Or at least feel a bit sorry for what you did. I’d like to think that sometimes you wonder how I’m handling it. After everything we’ve been through, it would be nice to know that you cared enough about me to do any of that.

But I know this is just wishful thinking, I understand you’ve never really felt a damn thing for me. And shame on me for being naive enough to give you my heart. Thanks for tearing it into pieces.


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