This is me letting you go

This is me letting you go

This is me letting you go

LTME-postdear john*, I am only writing you this so I can finally rid myself of you. I do not owe you any explanations but this is not for you, it is for me.

First, I want you to know that I never once cheated on you, nor did I lie. It was only by chance that I found someone so amazing right after you. And despite your constant accusations of me cheating, I am now laying them to rest. You were the one to cheat not once, but twice. And even though I have screenshots and text messages proving, you still deny that those text messages on your phone are yours, but that is okay. I understand that it is not because I was not good enough, but it is because you were not. I am done feeling worthless and bringing along those hurtful words you would say to me to justify your actions, so I hope they were worth it.
Second, I am done trying to hurt you or get back at you because I have finally realized that you are suffering enough realizing what you have lost. I could say words to you or I could constantly respond with venom to hurt you, but the simple fact is that I do not care enough to anymore.
I wanted to end things on good terms. I was the one who ended the relationship, but I was willing to end things happily, and that shows that I did love you at some point. And notice I said, at some point because I no longer do. You continue to say you love me when the simple fact is, if you loved me, you would have let me go, no matter how bad you say it was hurting. If you truly loved me, after I told you I wasn’t happy anymore, you should have loved me enough to let me go. And if you would have loved me in the first place, I would not have been unhappy, and I would have had no reason to leave. Lately I have been asked the question of what I loved about you or what things you would do to make me happy, and the honest to God truth is, is that I just sit there and try to think of things would do so I don’t look stupid, but you never did anything to make me happy. The whole world revolved around you and as long as you were given what you wanted, you were okay with making me feel worthless.
Lastly, I am sorry that I have hurt you as you said I have. That was never my intention and I do not hate you, but I have a hatred for the way you treat me. I have to be thankful for the way you treated me sometimes because I did not know what love was until I knew what it was not. So thank you, but I have found someone who holds my heart so delicately. And all of this lays on you.
Do not worry about writing me back because I won’t open it. Do not bother calling or texting because by the time you receive this letter your number will be blocked and there will be no other way you can reach me. This is it. Goodbye, for good.

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  1. john 4 years ago

    if this is you crystal. YOU ARE A FUCKING LIAR. I LIVED IN MOTHERFUCKING SECTION 8 and didnt mind . i saved your son. i bought you gifts. i sent you flowers. i apologized whenever i did wrong. i was always concerned for you. i got gas. always offered my time energy and love and i got paid back with hatred, accusations, cruelty, viciousness and lies. I spent FOUR fucking years doing good as you put me down and then you go after a man who wasnt there for you for 5 years? you do what he did to you TO ME?? and you sit back and fucking have the goddamn audacity to write this shit to me? you are a scumbag. that is as simple as it gets. WHATEVER i may have done wrong in the 4 years i knew you I NEVER SOLD YOU OUT IN A MONTH AND FUCKED SOME GUY IN THE GODDAMN HOUSE I GAVE YOU MONEY FOR!!! you are one hell of a demon possessed asshole and i make no more apologies to you. i can count on 3 fucking fingers what i did wrong in that relationship and STILL IT WAS ENOUGH TO CHEAPEN MY LOVE FOR YOU. still it was enough to sell me out to an abandoning arrogant little prick. i never met a girl so low as you who is so motherfucking distorted and warped and im done defending myself. GOD KNOWS THE TRUTH. HE KNOWS I LOVED YOU. if you werent HAPPY its because you put up ROADBLOCKS EVERY STEP OF THE WAY IN OUR RELATIONSHIP . YOU MADE ME JUMP THROUGH HOOP AFTER HOOP TRYING TO GET THINGS MANAGEABLE and the more frustrated i got the more fucking DENSE YOU got!!! so go. have him!!! walk down that motherfucking aisle and give your goddamn vows to a person with the same lowdown soul you have. I DESERVED BETTER THAN THAT!!! I DESERVED BETTER THAN THE HATE YOU SENT MY WAY!!! AND IF YOU CANT SEE THAT THAT IS NOT MY PROBLEM. I WILL LET GOD BRING YOUR KARMA BACK TO YOU. BE PREPARED FOR DIVORCE NUMBER 2 DOWN THE ROAD. AND last but not least i never cheated on you. this may be the wrong person im addressing this to but i swear to god you are a lowdown bitch if you accuse me of having cheated.

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