To my ex-fiance

To my ex-fiance

To my ex-fiance

LTME-postDear Ex,

I am writing this letter to you because i miss you.. i miss you so much…i miss you everyday. You were my first love. I don’t regret being with you. Nor do I regret any of our memories. Just because I am no longer with you does not mean I no longer care about you. You’re not only my fiance but also my best friend. Even though we’re not together anymore, the experiences we gave each other were unique and cannot be replaced. You are the biggest blessing in my life. Today is our anniversary. yes i know i still in love with you. 5 years ago i remember when you talked to me in front of the chapel and you asked me to be your girlfriend, that time i’m so happy that the lord gave me a man that will love me so much we we’re so in love before. You always sing to me “I won’t Give Up” you promised that one day that song will be our wedding song when i walked down the aisle. we had a lot of fights but still fighting for our relationship because i know that we are meant for each other. You said also that you will never leave me. 2 years ago you proposed to me and became your fiance in front of our friends. We promised that one day when the right time comes we can be together we can build our family and we’re not saying good bye anymore. But now our story have changed. you choose to let go of what we have. it brings so much pain in my heart i got depressed. I started to need you too much and when you started to suffocate I couldn’t even give you the thinking space you needed. Sometimes I wonder if we would still be together if I didn’t let my darkness drag us both down and it kills me nor to know. And I wanted to let you know how angry I am that you decide to give up on us. That you even dared to say that you will always love me but it’s not enough. After everything we been through you just gave up. Everyday when I wake up i still miss you and hoping that you’ll be back again in my life. I wish I could turn back time and tell myself to just stick it out and be there for you. You told me not to wait for you but i still hope and I pray you’ll be with me someday. Thank you for making me happy. See you again. i love you forever , even you’re not here by my side, I will wait for you.



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