Enough was enough

Enough was enough

Enough was enough

LTME-postThank you. Seriously thank you. I have learned so much from you …good and bad. I loved you and I did all that I could to keep us together. I gave it my all like I said I would. I’m sorry I grew weak. I love you…I’m not going to forget you and I will cherish the good times and yeah you’re right I’m not going to ever forget about Cancun..but I’m also never going to forget what broke us apart…..everything that broke us apart. I appreciate the good times we had. I’m sorry I screamed at you , I’m sorry we ended on a bad note…but I just couldn’t take it anymore. I didn’t want to be stepped on anymore. I gave it my all, I really did. Your ex fiancee, Mina the random Finland girl, the so called “slutty Miami girls” that you would talk about …..they were haunting me….and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I gave this my all ….I really did and I wish you knew that flying over to see you every time was not easy for me. I was struggling a lot and yet despite the fact that I was in school and working I still managed to fly across the country to spend time with you…multiple of times…..yet you couldn’t find the time to call me or text me. I wasnt asking for much….. A call /message/email/ that would’ve been enough. The fact that you claimed to be busy yet you still managed to make time to get drunk from morning to night and bar hop on the weekends and lurk through Karinas half naked pictures. I felt so insignificant..so small in your life….i felt like I wasn’t enough. Enough was enough. I just couldn’t take it anymore. I really hope you find this letter someday. Calling me at 3am in the morning just to tell me you had “slutty Miami girls” hitting on you at the bar was idiotic and childish. I’m not going to cry over you anymore, I’ve begged you to stay so many times….for what? I’m done. I am done. I am done. Like I said before, every little thing that you did, is going to bite you right in the ass. Te lo prometo. Que tengas suertecita, como tu dices. Good luck to you , and your “slutty Miami “women..Puto.

Ps. Miami women are not slutty! just because they are beautiful and you find them attractive does not make them slutty…. You asshole! And by the way! Just because a woman crosses the street in a confident way does not mean she wants attention or that she is a slut! You jerk! Also you are a jerk for always making fun of heavy people! What the hell did they ever do to you! You ass! Just because you’re in medical school it does not make you any better by putting people down. Also,you’re an alcoholic as much as you deny it …Also seriously you complain about how miserable you are and lonely and you put your brothers down and your family down even when your sweet mom sends you chimichangas from across the country……you’re a jerk. I am done! I’m never going to be enough for you…. And I am absolutely okay with that…. I am moving on from this. That’s it…this is the end of it…Good Bye.


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