One crazy year

One crazy year

One crazy year

LTME-posthey, its been a year now since our break-up. I dont know why I still miss you then suddenly hate you for leaving me and moving on so fast. alam kong wala ka ng pake sa lahat… sa akin. pero hanggang ngayon tntreasure ko padin yung best 4 years ntn. and I just want to say na sa lahat ng nangyyre saking maganda sa life and career ko… I still want you to be part of it. and I will STILL love you with all my heart. I promise to search for you in another life. I forgive you.

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  1. azteca 3 years ago

    look i know how you feel exept my mom made me break up with mine i dont know how to get back with him bc he said that his mom dosent like me but he does

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