I knew you would destroy me

I knew you would destroy me

I knew you would destroy me

LTME-postDear Mark,

I knew from the moment I set my eyes on you that you were the one. That smile, those amazing blue eyes looking at me from the other side of the room. But you took everything that was kind, loving, patient, supportive and completely destroyed all that was good in me.

I can’t trust or let anyone close to me ever again my heart is gone destroyed completely by the only person I ever let into my heart. I gave you everything! stood by you through it all and all I got was a man that was afraid to move forward, a man that filled my head with stories of our future that you knew we would never have.

You never loved me because you do not destroy the ones you love. I wish I could rewind time so that I would never have met you and I could still be that caring happy bubbly girl I once was.

Are you happy now? You played a great game with my heart & head just watch out for a thing called karma! You are not the kind person you pretend to be and I know this now much to late.

Forever broken A


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