I forgive you

I forgive you

I forgive you

LTME-postI forgive you for all the pain you caused me. Because I now understand the torture you put me through is only an indication of the pain you feel inside. I am healing, and getting over what you did, but I also know you will never have that feeling of being truly free, happy and full inside. For the rest of your days you will always go around harming others to feel better about yourself. What happened to you when you were younger? Who hurt you so much it turned you into such a malicious person? I don’t believe anyone is born pure evil. Something or someone must of hurt you first. For that reason I’m just sorry for all that this world did to you. I am sorry for all the misery you have felt in your life time, and I am sorry to every girl you have and will hurt in your future.

I have been through hell knowing you but I also don’t have it in me to spend my life hating or feeling angry towards you anymore. I don’t have it in me to feel anything towards you anymore. My heart is now over it and I am ready to put it all in the past. I don’t want to hold any ill feelings in my heart and it makes more sense now to accept everything for what it is and move forward. I’m getting better and I spend my days inviting peace and kindness into my life whilst also protecting myself from pain which I never did before. I am now looking after myself. This year has been the biggest change in me I’ve ever seen and it feels liberating. For years I just focused on pain and suffering, I let it in and let it get to me, but now I am looking out and beyond for more from life, for true happiness and love because I actually get what the actually means.

I am no longer confused about anything, I am no longer chasing drama and chaos because it’s all I knew. I guess, in the end you were just a puzzle I somehow knew I had to work out to better understand myself and people in general. You taught me not everyone is good natured, there are truly evil souls who find pleasure in playing with the hearts and minds of vulnerable people. And now because of these lessons, no one will ever be able to manipulate me, confuse me or hurt me in the same way again.


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