Maybe I’ll call you sometime

Maybe I’ll call you sometime

Maybe I’ll call you sometime

LTME-posthey r,

I hope this finds you alright, I hate that sometimes I don’t wish you well. I can’t seem to move on, you’re on my mind morning, evening, and everything in between. I miss watching Friends and cuddling. I miss evening dinners, and I miss your texts. I miss the romance, the intamicy. I miss the 3 A.M. conversations (at the time they were not as welcome). I wish I could give you my life, just to show you that I did and still do care. Unfortunately after today, I don’t think you want to hear from me again, actually I know that for a fact. I don’t want another chance, I just want you to find happiness, even if that means hating me. All One-Hundred-Thirty-Six days meant the world to me. You really taught me to love me, but also I learned to love you. I’m doing well, I started exercising and fixed my style, but you’re still missing. One day maybe I’ll call you, but I’m sure you’ll find someone better than I.

Good luck hun,


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