Message I never sent

Message I never sent

Message I never sent

LTME-postDear S,

Here are the messages which I did not send to you

June 10
I want you all the time. I want to speak with you, touch you and have you around. We had the most magical time together. It hurts to think that you may not want the same. I will keep my thoughts to myself but I miss you all the time. I suppose, I was afraid of having you so near and so deep in my heart but you would be the person I would be willing to work with myself for. To learn to be patient and waiting. You seem to be so close and yet so distant right now. I hate to think of you being with another girl, caring about her like you should care about me. I am trying to let you go.

June 15
My heart hurts when I think about that. You being with her and having her around. I HAVE to move on. I have to.

June 18
I stopped loving you. Well, at least I am trying to stop. Slowly forgetting the times I cried for you. I still care about you, but I am moving on, I deserve better than this. I deserve someone who takes care of me, who is not afraid of commitment, someone who is here for me. I wish it was you. You’re not the one for me. Now I realise that.

Take care,
I am moving on


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