I miss the boy you used to be

I miss the boy you used to be

I miss the boy you used to be

I’ve written so many letter as an attempt to express what I never got to say to you. We met young and we grew together. You became a piece of me and a huge influence to me which I now realize was very unhealthy. I don’t miss you exactly I miss that little boy who had so much love in his heart, the boy who constantly reminded me how amazing I was, the boy who was so concerned for others. A few years later into knowing you that little boy was gone, you had grown and became extremely insecure and manipulative which was my fault, I admire you for how you always built my confidence but I forgot to do the same things back.

For awhile the love was one sided and I’m extremely sorry that it took me so long to realize how deeply I loved and cared for you I was so young when we meet I had no idea what was going on and I had no idea how to be in a relationship. When I finally realized how I felt for you it was to late, you had dealt with my confusion and need to be free for so long when I was ready to be with you, you resented me for making you wait. You punished me for hurting you and we both ended up hurt only difference was I never intentionally hurt you, but hearing how you wanted to hurt me broke my heart so bad. You were such a huge piece of me that when you left I felt extremely empty and no longer knew who I was. I’m now trying to build myself back up and I appreciate you for making me hit rock bottom, I now not to take people for granted and how strong I can be. Much love, A


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