The feeling of being ghosted in life is terrible. It makes the person feel worthless and questions his life choices. We started dating 2 years back on May the 6th and truly I loved you from the depth of my heart. I have faced the consequences of loving you so much through losing my blood but I still remained with you throughout the difficult stages in life. You as a person were great to me till the day I realised what a terrible, selfish and dark hearted you are when you stated avoiding me. Yes I have not been the best with you every time though never left you in difficult stage of your life.

We shared so many memories together but all that stuff is worthless now as I found out what your real intentions were since day one. You have betrayed my trust and our friendship for which I can never forgive you in life. I just need that one opportunity in life to make you realise how cruel your acts are. May god one day make you realise this and I truly wish you go through the same thing in life as I know you won’t be able to take it. I can never forgive you in my life and always remember one day the tables will turn and at that moment when you have no one left with you, the heat inside me will take revenge.

You ghosting me has proven to me what shallow hearted wimp you are and in my life to come, I promise this to you, I WILL RISE and that day I will show you my real worth. You piece of shit and lying wimp!!!


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