Mikey Moo

Mikey Moo

Mikey Moo

Hi Mikey, it’s me, you know, the girl you broke. I loved you, you know. I was going to propose to you at Hastings. You were my World. I thought you were my soulmate, perhaps you were. But you didn’t love me enough.

I was always honest with you, painfully so. I told you things even I didn’t know about myself. Until you. I go days without thinking about you, but when I do my World comes crashing down again once more. I thought during lockdown you might reach out, but you haven’t. You have my email address.

I can’t believe you didn’t fight for me, for us, what we could have been. I know I barely knew you but you knew me, and you helped me know me better too. I loved myself around you, I didn’t have to hide, I was brave, exposed.

You are the only boy I have ever loved. I thought we were whole, a complete circle. I miss what you showed me of myself. I miss her. She was so full of love, passion, endless beauty. I know you will never bring her back, but I need to find her again myself. I wish you well.

Love always, Jenny.


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