I love you, it hurt

I love you, it hurt

I love you, it hurt

Dear S

How i wish things never were left, how i wish we gave our relationship a chance, You make me question our relationship you didn’t even fight for me even when i begged you. You told me you have moved on, we use to be a power couple, our parents wished us nothing but the best. We gave birth to our handsome son but still that didn’t give you courage to fight for what we had, the most beautiful thing our relationship.

I wish you knew how much i still love you i think about you everyday, i cant even move on. I really wish you change and one day we get back together. Money changed you a lot, even if you can go broke i would still care for you because you show me what love is.

I wish one day you can actually realise that we had something so deep. It was powerful we even prayed together…i pray that if we were never meant to be i find closure and peace so that i can move on without holding grudges. I really wish things can work out for us it has been a year now but i still have faith that one day we will be a family again.


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