Hey uj, I just wanted to say I’m extremely sorry for wasting your time as much as I wanted to tell you, you meant more than the world to me. I need you but I’m not gonna hold on to you if its not your will, I just wish I had to tell you that you are the only one I love and loved and will always. you gave me everything my heart wanted and you are everything I ever wanted. I will always love you no matter what and I regret no opening up to and saying what I should’ve of, I had millions of things to say but when I say your face everything left my brain. just looking into your eyes gave me butterflies and I hope we could make It work some day or even if not I hope you find the love you deserve because you truly deserve it.

I hope one day i’ll be at your wedding and give you the biggest smile looking into your eyes and be the happiest knowing that you finally found your soulmate even. if it wasn’t me. I hope to see your beautiful kids and be the happiest for you and I hope you remember me at least a bit not too much and don’t miss me. but if I die tomorrow just know you were my first love and I wish nothing…nothing but the best. I hope you find your happiness one day in someone. I hope you accomplish everything that you ever told me. just know I loved every minute of our FaceTime calls even thou we never met in person it felt like I met my soulmate and my heart skipped a beat when I saw you and it always will. i love you


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