Fuck you Laramie

Fuck you Laramie

Fuck you Laramie

Okay, wow where to begin, first of all, you’re a 26 year old single mother of a two year old son by a guy who kicked you out. Clearly he had a good reason to and if he believes you to be as much of a hit as he tried to make it seem like. I’m sure he’s right. I mean you fucked me then fucked another guy because you told me I was too much pressure but whatever. You’re going to live in your mothers attic, just imagine you’re on google maps and you’re zooming out and you and your kid are in an attic. Amazing. You made horrible decisions at 24 and you’re still making them at 26. You picked another nigga because he made you laugh and has a puppy. If those are your standards then I feel bad for your son. Your mom must have passed down the trait to make bad decisions, after all your name is Laramie, and she must’ve passed down the trait to pick and choose shitty men. The sex with you was mediocre at best. You can’t kiss you can only do one thing and that’s the only time you can actually feel in control of well, I’m sure anything. We fucked three times and it was because I wanted to cum. Remember I told you that chick came over on Thanksgiving? She drove an hour from east Lansing. We fucked and I sent her back home the same night. The only reason we fucked is because you were there without your kid. I should’ve done it the once and sent you home. Just because you have a pretty pussy doesn’t mean it’s worth shit. There’s going to be a day when you wake up and realize that you’re wasting your time and energy on dating apps when that’s all you’ll have left. I tried to prove to you that there’s better out there and all you want to do is keep your options open and ride the dick carousel. Well enjoy it bitch. You should’ve learned to heal yourself before you had a kid because now he’s going to have to heal from having you as a parent. Sam was right from the beginning. I shouldn’t have fucked with your stupid ass. I don’t ever want to see or hear from you ever again dude stay the fuck out of my life you fucking train wreck.

You’re a piece of shit for playing with my feelings and emotions just to toss them to the side. I hope whoever gets you on the hook breaks your heart and your spirit do that you have nothing left and don’t know how to cope. You are garbage and a garbage human being. Karma is going to get you sooner or later and this letter is to make sure you know it will. I did nothing wrong to you but try to be open and show you love but you twisted it backwards for no fucking reason. I hope your son will one day forgive his mother for being a bitch and a whore who can’t make a decision on what is important in her life. Your values are shit and your mentality is also shit. You will never find love. You’re going to die alone knowing that you’ve done nothing but played games hoping it would get you somewhere. I hope the short satisfaction was worth it. One day you’ll realize what you do to people isn’t cool or cute and when it does I hope you remember me for trying. I hope it tears you apart to the point you no longer interact with anyone. Your anxiety is already the staple to prove to you that you don’t have the social skill to be able to be a functional adult in society. Your ex boyfriend or baby daddy is smart for throwing your ass out on the street where you belong and I don’t blame him for putting your fucking picture online like the slut you are for having no morals and no actual foundation for shit. You’re going to live in an attic of a shitty house with a shitty mother and a son who is going to have to bear witness to how badly of a fuck up of a person and mother you are. I hope I never see or hear from your retarded ass ever again. Fuck you and I hope your life ends in pain you piece of shit.


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