I miss you so much and i feel like i still need you in my life because i care for you so much and i will always have love you. But we were hurting each other over and over and it would only build as we continued.

You never wanted to talk to me about your feelings, you lied to me so “i wouldn’t worry” i just wanted to help and i wanted you to get better, i now realize i can’t be the one to do that or get you there.

I used to think i was able to help you but clearly not. I hope for at least a little while i could bring you happiness and the love that you deserve and at times made the pain go away even for a split second.

You deserve so much after all that you have gone through. I wish you nothing but the best, just remember you’re worth more than you think and i’m only a text away. You’re never alone I’ll always be here for you, I love you.


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