Dear D, the best man I’ve ever met… I need to let off some things from my chest… on a website with millions of letters… wouldn’t suprise me if you found this, with all the coincidences you and I have had. 

Thats the thing… we have a connection that no one else has. 1000 coincidences. It almost feels like magic, something that people write poems and movies about. How come I experience that for the first time in my life with you? A guy that would rather push me away than having me near. I do understand at the same time… the timing is not right. Maybe I am not the right. I dont know, I dont even know what I want. The only thing I’m certain of is that the real you is all Ive ever wanted. I miss the feeling of your body touching mine, the feeling of being without you, 100 miles away, is almost tangible. Youve taught me things no one will, told me things no one has, laughed with me, shared stories & jokes, secrets & gossip, your desires & emotions. List could go on, but I dont feel like opening up much more. Shit, what if you actually find this.  

Well, idk what will happen in 5-10 years. I just know, we set a date where we will probably know for sure. I literally cannot wait for that day. I hope with all my heart that you show up that day and that location. Because that will be the day I let all my guards down.

Yours, missy


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