You think you would have an invite to my parents house at Christmas?

You? The little boy crawling around in a man’s body. 

You? The weak and terrible disease that took my children and hurt them.

You? The one who sits there saying it’s for the best as my children cry with sadness, loss and confusion. 

You think I would ever call you a friend. 
A friend is someone I value, have respect for, gain insite, love and power from being around. 

You a friend?! 
You? Who told me I take and never give
You? Who told me I am ungrateful and stupid
You? Who told me I could keep the broken bin.

Do you know what it is to be a friend? Really it’s so sad, you have no idea what a good friend looks like and you will never be one. 

Thank goodness I have rid myself from your brokenness. 

I hope the light inside you finds a way to shine brightly because you, your darkness is bitter.


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