8 years with a soul sucking stranger

8 years with a soul sucking stranger

8 years with a soul sucking stranger

In June of 2014 I was swept off my feet by a sweet loving ( so I thought ) guy. 8 years younger than me it was the most amazing love I ever felt. He knew all the right things to say he knew how to make come out of my shell try new things ( sexually) he made me feel wanted,  loved, sexy and special . How would I know that 5 years later this sweet guy would become a soul sucking leach.

He blinded me so bad – him not working cleaning cooking was no biggie sad story right lol well after only 2 months together we got pregnant with our son which was also amazing. I had all my stuff together when this guy swept me off my feet I never thought this gentleman would drag me thru hell the way he did.

For 5 years he could do no wrong. if my kids were wrong in his eyes they were wrong in mine. My boys told me he actually said to them “I already get what ever I want from your mom and I will get rid of u guys n she will do everything for me n nothing for you”. I thought they were lying – they were not.

After I left my job of 10 yrs everything sunk. he did nothing to our family floating he was content living from house to house even in our car. by 2017 we also had a daughter. After we were at the bottom I got him a job working in GA with a good friend of mine’s dad. mind u every job he had in 5 yrs I got him lol.

He was like another child I swear…. so things were hard with him gone. then me n the kids went to see him in Palm coast he was not sexual with me at all which was surprising. This guy couldn’t go 2 days without it. I knew something was up. As the weeks went by he got more distant not calling after 7 pm, making up the most outrageous stories. When it came time for him to return home I had to pay his greyhound fare 12 weeks 1000s week lol he not a dime to his name.

When he came home I knew it – I felt it n I caught it. Not just 1 but numerous and even many he paid for. So fast forward to 12/31/21 he left. never did I think I could make it. it’s only been just shy of 30 days but I never been so sure that I will never allow this soul sucker back.  He has had minimal contact with our kids which kills me but today I sadly blocked him. I will not allow him to play my babies the way he does women.

I can’t believe I lived 6 yrs with a stranger. the guy he was when he was on the road is who he is. he pretends to be the sweet guy I met but that’s a play. he does that to suck souls n take everything a woman has, when all they want is love. Kesha praying is my new favorite song n I swear he better pray cuz when he meets his match, man she is not gonna let him play this game so easy lol.


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