To the ex that liked one piece

To the ex that liked one piece

To the ex that liked one piece

Whenever I see any Christmas gift that has to do with one piece, I think of you and I get sad because I can’t give it to you. When you told me your friend died, I wish I was there to hug you but I don’t even think you want one from me anymore. Everyday is a little less depressing and less lonely but every time I get reminded of you, I wish I could just feel how safe it felt in your arms and how loved I felt. But yeah. You’re never gonna be seeing this website but I miss you everyday h. Everyday.

After you told me about your friends overdose I wanted to send a cute memorial type gift so you can be reminded that I’m here for you and that it’s gonna be okay. But I didn’t exactly wanna catch a restraining order if you thought that was creepy. I don’t even know who to talk to about you because it feels silly that I still miss you but i really do. I still can’t put my head around the fact that you fell out of love with me when you’ve been crazy about me our entire relationship. I guess that’s humans, they change and grow apart. Anyways, gonna go watch a tv show to fill the void in my heart lol. Bye


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