Stuck on yourself!

Stuck on yourself!

Stuck on yourself!

Penis’s are red, 
Testicle are blue, 
Why tf would you do that with a bottle of glue?

There’s no more leg hair it’s a thing of the past, hands are really shaky, burning and chapped.

Tons of neosporin, gauze and ice packs, to avoid any scaring from your little mishap. 

All the Dr’s are baffled and nurses too, social worker asks you is this something new?

You have no answers, you’re without a single clue, thought you were using lotion but somehow it turned was glue. 

How did this happen, head spins like a coin down a well then all of the sudden it hits you, it was probably Michelle. 

She warned you she’d get you, she’d even the score, from the time that you cheated with some skanky whore.  

It’s been a year so you thought it was dead, but sleep with one eye open cuz she still sees red. 

Appendages were injured and hard lessons were learned, nothing is given that hasn’t been earned. 

So treat the next girl much better bc you reap what you sow, and stay clear away from those skanky ho’s. 

Just think of your manpart and take your traumatized ass home

Happy Valentines day ya filthy animal!


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