Just a shell

Just a shell

Just a shell

M.  You have taken my light away, crushed my soul & broken my trust in people forever.  I am nothing but a shell now, stumbling through my life feeling numb, never letting anyone in, never trusting and unable to accept love in any form.
I wish you had just killed me as there is nothing left of me.  I feel no joy, no connection   just complete isolation.  I was always scared of death but I welcome it now with open arms as I would be finally be free of the emptiness in my heart every second of every day.  

It’s my birthday and my birthday wish is to disappear forever.

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  1. A 9 months ago

    Wow. I could have easily written this as I feel exactly the same way right now. I hope you heal in time and find your forever person and never look back at the people that could hurt you this deeply.

    Take care and I wish you nothing but happiness & love for you in the future x

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