Poisonous lies

Poisonous lies

Poisonous lies


That monday we broke up, I saw everything you had written about me.

You were a completely different person in those words and I see now that instead of TALKING TO ME, you would bitch behind my back to your friends. I was angry at Hannah for judging me, but it’s because all you did was vent about me. And then you dragged her PARENTS IN?!

For the love of god, everyone knew it was over WEEKS before I did.

You even said you LOVED ME that day you left for work.

You’ve changed. You have no heart and are nothing but a cold bitch.

You’re a COWARD because you ignore everything I’ve said and can’t even admit the truth.

You’re a HYPOCRITE for belittling me during arguments when all you had to do was TALK TO ME. I have problems, but yours are WAAAAAAAAAAY worse.

I’m glad we’re done because I couldn’t handle another 50 years of this crap.

I loved you for who you were and I thought you did the same for me.

Who the hell are you?

I don’t want to talk to you ever, EVER, again. I don’t need liars or backstabbers in my life.



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