I hate you.

I hate you.

I hate you.

Dear ex,

You’re the worst type of guy I’ve ever met.

I can’t believe I love you and I still do after you hurt me. I gave everything to be with you and to make you happy but it went in vain.

I know it was my fault since I confessed. I should have known that being with you would only hurt me. You’re so self absorb and selfish. I have never met someone who is so selfish and mean. You cant even give up anything to be with me.

You keep making promises as if they were paper that could be ripped easily. You treat them like its a ticket to get what you want and you don’t even want to fullfill it. Its all lies at the end of the day. You and your lies and your stupid promises. I hate you so much and I hate me so much for being so naive to believe in those lies.

Then on 23/8/2014, you told me you love someone else and how it broke my heart. You dont know how it hurt me because you’re not me. I really hate you for cheating at that time.

In a month, I was getting better. I was moving on and happy without you. You were just a shadow that haunts me during lonely nights. I was happy without you. Plus, I was getting to know some people and started to like   them. It was fun without you.

Then dark days came back,  you asked for a second chance. You promise that you will be better and make me happier. You even told me something that you claim as a truth but I dont think it was. I know you were playing a game but I still accept you and your promises ( lies). How I wish I could treat you badly at that time and take my revenge but you left before I could do that. I was still in love with you  so the thought of taking revenge was never there. Well you left without saying a thing after 3   days and that triggered my hatred. I could’ve easily forget you but you made me so angry.

Even though I was angry, I still waited for you on your birthday. You never turn up so well I am going to give up. I dont want to wish you well and I will never wish for your happiness. I hope you suffer the same fate and bye.

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  1. Tiffany LaShea 7 years ago

    Sounds like what Im currently going thro. enjoyed reading your post

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