Both of our wrongs

Both of our wrongs

Both of our wrongs


We were both wrong. I don’t know who messed up more though. I’m willing to admit my wrongs, I did have you around my finger for a while, I enjoyed having that kind of power over someone. I had never had it before. I liked having whatever I wanted on a whim. I liked that you were more than happy to do it. I realized what I was doing to you though and I stopped. The only thing was, you didn’t want me to, I stopped asking things of you, and you just tried to do more.

I stopped for years, you know this, yet you were still, for lack of a better word, obsessed with me. I choose obsessed over love very specifically. It was unhealthy, you were getting possessive. You were jealous. And when our lives took different paths you were incredibly jealous and didn’t even try to hide it. You leaned on me, you ridiculed my decisions, you took out your anger on me, we became each others emotional punching bags, we were always fighting and arguing, you became so dependent on me, I literally became your own personal google. We had a weird twisted reliant relationship.

We had a good run while it was good, but when it got bad, it just got too bad. I think you know that. I write this so that you know that I do not regret you entirely. You were important in shaping me, even if it was by showing me how I didn’t want to be.

I hope you don’t tell people you regret that game of thrones episode, bottle of wine, and box of pizza, because I do not tell people that I do.

For all of our huge fights, I am surprised we ended as simply as we did. I’m glad that out of all the ways we could’ve ended, we simply just stopped texting one day. It’s like we both knew, and to answer your last text, yes, I have seen Frozen.

I don’t know what will happen next time, so see you when I see you.


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