I really need you back

I really need you back

I really need you back

To The Love of My Life

There is this thing that I always think about and I wish that I didn’t but whenever there is silence in my life my mind thinks about you and about what we could have achieved together.

We simply clicked, from the moment we began talking I knew that you were Mr Right, and I knew that I had a keeper. You were PERFECT in every seamless way, the way you could calm me down just by looking at me and smiling, the way that you cared for me, the way that you made me laugh, the way that you always told me that you’d miss me when you went back home was PERFECT.

And I STILL cant comprehend and believe that I let you go, I let you go without fighting for you. I let you go without telling you how I truly felt. I let you go and I let you go way too easily. I should have rung you back, I should have told you how I felt and still feel. I should have fought for you.

It has been three years now and I still cant move on. The hold you have on me is slowly and surely wearing me thin. I cant bear to know what you’ve been doing, who you’ve been seeing because it would break me. It would physically and mentally break me. You have me captured. I would do anything for you, and the scary thing is… I don’t know what you would do for me. I don’t know if I am holding on to a false reality. I don’t know if I am just holding onto the best moments of my life because I am scared to look forwards and create new ones. But ultimately I am scared that you don’t care anymore. And it is that, that I am most scared of.

I still remember the first date we had, the first kiss we had, the first time you spoke to me, the first time we hugged and you whispered the words that created knots and butterflies in my stomach, that forced upon a smile on my face. That make me blush and smile still to this day. You were mine and I just let you go.

Perry, You were my first love and I believe that you may be my only love. I have tried to move on and I have tried to get over you but I can’t. You need to realise that distance isn’t a true factor with us, we can make it work, you just need to believe we can. Because I don’t think that I can keep these feelings to myself anymore. You need to know and I am going to tell you, You are the best thing that has happened to me and I am sorry that I broke up with you and I now understand the feeling of regret and I need you back Perry, I really need you back. I need my true Best friend back


Love Marie


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