I miss you greatly

I miss you greatly

I miss you greatly

Dear Ex,

I guess im writing this to you because i miss you. Every day my emotions get over me. I always say to myself that im over you even though I’m  not. You have changed in the last year and so have I. Something about you makes me either want to rip my head off in anger or just melts my heart and makes me smile. I’ll tell you that I dont miss you at all but truth is… I miss you, I miss us and I want it all back.

We may have had our fights in the last year but I regret everything ive said to hurt you. I love you always and forever. You were my first true love and it seems like i messed everything about even a second chance. At work I try to hide away from you so you wont see my face and me trying not to cry. I fake a smile everytime just to show you i have moved on. I miss calling you my batman… my superhero. I just want everything to go back to the way it was. spending time playing video games with you and just having your arms around my waist. I promised to always be here for you and I’m not breaking it. I’ve broken too many promises already. The way you used to look at me made me feel like there was a bright light inside of me making me go. We never fought but once and we didnt fight until after the break up. I love you and i want you in my life again. I want a fresh clean start to a better life. I dont want to live in the dark anymore i need my light back.


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