I miss us.

I miss us.

I miss us.

I know I screwed up last time I saw you. I guess I wasn’t ready, emotionally. I really hope that wasn’t the last time we’ll see each other. You mean too much to me. I miss you. I wish the way you smell, the way you laugh, the way you make me laugh. I miss the way we fit together so well. I miss cuddling with you. I miss that the most. I miss being part of the adventure of your new life. I enjoyed being part of that journey, and I’m saddened that I may never get to see how it turns out. I still have hope for us. I still think we belong. I still think we’re meant to be. I still love you.


  1. KC 3 years ago

    What if he still loves you? What if he doesn’t care. He knows you were hurting and was prepared. What if he wants his best friend back? its to hard to love from a far . What if he loves you for all your simplicity? He misses the bike rides and the way you climb a tree the way you breathe when you sleep and the way you bring happy meals to m&ms. What if he could see you again?

    Would you still be his best friend? LOVE is patients love is kind and it will not ever leave you behind . What if you are perfect for each other? but your to scared to tell him. What if you guys are both sacred of loving each other cause you think you will break each others hearts. but what if you never tell him and he falls apart. HE loves you and is a Capricorn
    he just wants to see you happy but man would he be glad to see you again – k

  2. D 3 years ago

    I will always love you regardless if it is from afar as you were like no other & I gladly left a piece of my loving heart with you as you did me.

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