I have something I wanna say to you.

I have something I wanna say to you.

I have something I wanna say to you.

LTME postMy ex,
My love,
Rebecca Lynn,

Let me start of with yes, yes this is a letter to you, my ex. This is a letter for me to lay it all on the line for you. For the both of us.

You deserve to be happy and to know that I am truly happy for you. Yes, a part of my heart still and will always belong to the amazing girl that you are. The time has come where I need and have to let you go. I won’t let our memories go. I will set the both of us free though. It’s hard to let someone like you go, but it’s for the best. I made the mistake of letting you leave my life for good.

I have watched you become something and someone so beautiful. I have never seen this side of you before. I’m doing this because I realize this and want nothing but the best for you. I want you happy. I want all of your dreams and wishes to come true. Although your dreams and wishes don’t include me anymore I know that they will include someone wonderful and wonderful things.

It rips my heart out to know that your in the arms of someone else. A part of you will live deep inside my soul. You had the keys to my heart. Now I hope you hold the keys to his heart.

So here it is sweet pea……

If you have any unanswered questions or thoughts about our relationship please don’t bother. You are to much of an amazing blue green eyed beauty with that sandy brown blonde hair and a perfect smile with the personality to go along with it. I don’t need someone perfect like you to wonder when you have so much to look forward to. Yes, me and you both will cherish the memories that we had. The time has come though and I have watched you blossomed into a different woman than what you were when you were by my side. I held you back in every aspect that is turning you into the lady you are becoming lately and for that I’m sorry. I catch myself begging for a second chance to make it right with you but you are the type of girl who doesn’t need to give any man who cares about you a second chance.

You have this glow and beauty now. You have came a long way. I see nothing but good changes in you.

I’m glad to know he is a good man from what you say. I hope he remains to be that MAN. You deserve it and I know what you deserve because I failed to give it to you. I had messed up a lot in our relationship. I did things I should’ve never done or have never been forgiven for. You gave me credit when I didn’t deserve it. I like that you have held your head high and told yourself that there is something different for you out there. You never ever gave up on me. You were always patient. You loved me even when you shouldn’t. This is how I know you deserve better because you are one of the better ladies I have ever met.

I hope you feel unbelievable and powerful in his arms and by his side. I hope he cherishes and knows what an amazing girl he has met and should be lucky to have you. You are beautiful inside and out. I pray for you both because I know I just did the biggest favor in my life for you and for him.

There are many crazy beautiful qualities about you I didn’t learn to love and miss until now. I miss the way you used to read the paper for a small horoscope. The way your complicated. The way you honk and drive when your the worst driver to ride with. The way your hair was always a mess on top of your head but you still looked perfect. How about the way you changed your mind every second of the day. The way you believed everything was possible and didn’t know the word impossible. You were always a family favorite of everyone I had met. The way you would drink coffee super late at night. My favorite you are the preachers granddaughter who says dear Jesus bless me every time you do wrong. You are truly crazy and very hard to figure out. In the end it’s worth it because it’s you. Simple things are beautiful.

I learned a lot and now I know. I hope one day we can sit together the three of us and be good friends like we were. Your way better since you left me and it’s brings joy to me because whenever you left I seen tears rolling down your face. Becks, I want you to have it all. I thank god your happy. Please know that I’m always here for you at anytime or any day. You are happy and I’m smiling for you sweet pea. I love you.

With all the love and care in the world,
With the best intentions,
Your ex.


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