Hopefully we’ll reconnect one day

Hopefully we’ll reconnect one day

Hopefully we’ll reconnect one day

LTME-postDear you,
It’s been quite a while since we’ve spoken. Things have changed a lot in the past couple years of knowing each other. I never thought I’d fall for someone based mostly on their personality. But I did with you, and now I never want to fall for someone without that feeling. You viewed things so differently, just like I did. I never really told you how much we had in common, it’s one of my many shortcomings. We’ve known each other for a couple years and ever since that first day at our sisters’ volleyball practice I knew I’d fallen for you. Now you’ve been in and out of my life twice. I can only wonder if you’ll come back again. I’m leaving real soon, and even though we haven’t spoken in months I’ll still miss you. I can only pray and hope that my mistakes don’t stop you from meeting great people. I hope you are doing well, you truly deserve the best in life. You’re one of those few people worth never getting over, because you never gave a reason to not like you. Come this may, I’ll be traveling all around the US for a couple years, hopefully we’ll reconnect one day. But if not, enjoy your life and experience all the dreams you told me about.

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  1. j j 1 year ago

    just call me

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