I was blindsided

I was blindsided

I was blindsided

LTME-postDear T,

When I met you online, our conversations were endless. I felt as if I had known you forever. I know it was only a short time that we met but the chemistry and connections were off the chart! Your loving text messages and how I felt when we were together will always stay with me. Then you disappeared. I felt so much hurt and anger and then the questions of what did I do wrong? Did I say something? My gut was throwing up red flags, but once again, I ignored them. I didn’t want to believe that you played me. Well although it was short-lived, it was fun and it made me feel good, even though they were lies. You wanted to control and manipulate me. You thought you found a naive woman. Sorry babe, you did not. I saw right through you. I took off the rose-colored glasses and saw you for what you are……….a disgrace to men! You are grown and should be ashamed of yourself for playing games. You played it well and deserve the MVP. I have learned, once again from this and will put more focus into me and what I want and expect from a relationship. I hold no animosity towards you and don’t wish anything bad to happen…..karma will take care of it! Remember……you reap what you sow! Good luck to you and I hope the woman you find eventually can change your ways. Bye and please DO NOT EVER contact me again! You no longer exist in my life!


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