Life without you is… sweet.

Life without you is… sweet.

Life without you is… sweet.

Dear G,
I thought I would never get over you, but it was so funny – when we split it was almost like instant relief. And I’ve surprised myself by loving my new life. I love being single. I love living on my own. I love not worrying what mood you’ll be in, or how you’ll try and keep me down if you’re down. Or how I was always on eggshells around you. Not having to concern myself with your toxic crap anymore is the best peace I have ever known. So thanks, you did me a favour.

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  1. Y to the G 8 years ago

    years later and i just read this letter you wrote to your xxx he never read it or maybe did but was to busy to reply since you were already an xxxxx maybe you were already forgotten about at that moment but it doesn’t change the your welcome and im sure hes glad your finally happy and for me ill get a thanks when he reads and answers to one of my letters that is never meant for me to read but no ‘ or , especially no . because im pretty sure you all know where they go and if you dont then it wasnt important

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