10 things I hope you do with the next girl

10 things I hope you do with the next girl

10 things I hope you do with the next girl

1. Hold her hand in public. It’s mean not to.
2. Respect her privacy and don’t show sexy pix of her to your mates at the pub.
3. Let her choose the TV show for once. And if she does, don’t groan and talk over it while she tries to watch it.
4. Have sex with her and attempt to give her an orgasm rather than your usual habit of watching porn and having a wank.
5. Don’t drive like a maniac when she’s in the car.

6. Tell her you love her and not always after she’s told you.
7. See that toilet brush next to the loo? Use it.
8. Don’t diss her musical tastes. Who gives a shit if she likes Kelly Clarkson?
9. If she cries, give her a hug instead of sighing like a jerk and telling her you ‘can’t handle’ her meltdowns.
10. If you want to split up, don’t act like a cowardly asshole in the hope that she’ll break it off and save you the trouble.
I really, really wish you could read this.


  1. Laura Awof-Attraction 12 years ago

    what’s his email address, I’ll send it.

  2. Letter To My Ex 12 years ago

    I think this letter was written before we added the functionality to email letters to exes. But it’s available now! And Laura – we agree, some exes need to read these letters 🙂

  3. Deva Dasi 10 years ago

    So true, some men totally overlook the need for emotional bonding and intimacy building while being in a physical relationship.

  4. Rob 2 years ago

    Laura I just read this and first off I think your full of shit , i think you not from England your American and I’d bet money on it too many common placed verbage that are American with a few Britt bombs thrown in your sentence structure is American but wordings Britt…. I bet you dumped him huh you did I am sure of it. But if he was such a dick why come on here and spill you little heart out maybe he wasn’t such a dick after all 1 he was in to ya I mean dude shows off pics of you to his boys that guy is way too inn to you 2 driving like a race car driver…yeah guys do that to impress a girl 3 the toilet brush thing …you got me there but hey nobody’s perfect and the no orgasm thing I’d say if he was wankin to porn it’s not cause he didn’t wanna try drr think about it only time I ever wanked to porn us if the real thing said no go away …and holding hands well he should have for sure but maybe it was sore from too much wanking…lol

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