I wish I never met you

I wish I never met you

I wish I never met you

Two years ago I would’ve been on my knees BEGGING you to stay but I’ve grown as a person. I won’t ever stoop down to that level like you did. Just so you know I had the opportunity to cheat on you countless times unlike you who took every opportunity to do so. I also had the chance to sleep with your best mates, wow the things they said to me, you’d be surprised who your real mates are. Lol looks like you don’t have any yourself. Also fun trivia: I know a lot of people and gossip spirals back to me loser. I know you said things to people like “you fucked up, want me back, I look hotter now lol yes I won. I also heard how shit your life went after you dumped me -I think you forgot I was your means of support financially? Funny I had all the connections to parties, money, lifts and support yet you cut those ties.

Enough of the past, let’s talk about how well I’m doing. I work for a major company who are considering to promote me after my studies (I had a nice chat with the head department, looks like my position is pretty secure if I keep up the good work). I go to university full time, I’ve quit smoking, have a good family, small group of friends who don’t backstab me, a loving boyfriend and also my boobs have grown yet I’ve gotten skinnier ;).

Last I heard you got kicked out of home, no job, no car, minimal education and you miss me. Your life’s a bitch now.


  1. Jules "Smiley" Renforth 6 years ago

    I have to say this bitch has her chin way up in the air. I knew a woman simular to this wanker.
    She had a nice car, good job, perfect income plus a nice boyfriend. Until the boyfriend eventually cheated on her. My ex left me and I am doing way better than she is now. Thats what happens when you are s vulnerable bitch who is looking for payback. Did I mention I happen to win lottery playing encore? Im on vaction for a year. Who life is a bitch? All woman are the same. Liers, thieves and whores.

    • H 5 years ago

      Wow, what a random comment. No lady – not all women are liars, cheaters and whores. It’s just that those of us who aren’t get majorly fucked over by the assholes we date.

      I’m happy with the idea of dying alone. It’s better than being abandoned completely by someone who said they “love me” but who up and ran when I needed help the most. My ex was scum and he will never be forgiven for that.

  2. neecie 5 years ago

    The idea of dying alone, I so agree with that during the grieving process of the loss of my dad my boyfriend of 7 years decides to cheat with a hood rat thumbs up to me it took me about 7 months to move on the happiest day of my life lonely yes but my life feels lifted

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