You don’t f**k with a mamma bear and still get to play with her cub

You don’t f**k with a mamma bear and still get to play with her cub

You don’t f**k with a mamma bear and still get to play with her cub

Let me explain something to you.

You do not fuck with a mother and her child. You tried to take my daughter from me. After you bitched about being tired of having tea parties and no “free time”? YOU HAVE A FUCKING 2 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER, DUMBASS. You fucking LOVE tea time, and you have no free time for AT LEAST 16 more years.

You do not TRY to take my kid and keep her. ALL bets are off. I waited over a year for your dumbass to agree to JOINT custody. All it took was 18 days of you not giving me my kid. Not only did joint custody go right out the fucking window, so did ANY chance of me agreeing to ANYTHING YOU WANT. I don’t care if our divorce is NEVER FINAL. YOU WILL NOT TAKE MY DAUGHTER FROM ME. The day I found out I was pregnant, your response was “Fuck, forreal? You gonna keep it?” FUCK YES I’M KEEPING “IT”. Then, now and forever.

I played mom and dad to your son who isn’t even mine while you were deployed. I gave birth with you on the phone, not there. I moved across the goddamn country for you and your fucking stuck up family. Lived with your mother, who is the biggest fucking CUNT in the world while you were deployed, your sister who I CANNOT believe does not have some kind of STD and your father who is the biggest lying, backstabbing asshole I’ve ever met. All while dealing with your habitual lying ex wife who just wanted a fucking babysitter for your kid so she could go fuck everything with a dick. And then you get home after eating yourself out of the Army, you proceeded to treat me like a fucking servant, and you decided you’d ALLOW me sex ONCE A WEEK FOR 30 GODDAMN MINUTES.

Now you have your son, who you see, what? Once a month, your daughter, who you havn’t seen in… almost 2 months? Havn’t called in… two weeks? You have your 19 year old girlfriend and her 7 month old baby, who I, and everyone else for that matter, have a sneaking suspicion belongs to you. And your OTHER girlfriend, who isn’t really your girlfriend, is pregnant. You lost your job. You lost a real woman. You lost your kids. You lost… everything that should matter to you. THERE’S YOUR FREE TIME YOU FUCKING JERK.

It took me a year. You are not worthy to be that little girl’s father. You stick her in front of a TV and call that spending time with her. You stick a diaper on her so you don’t have to be bothered with potty training. You give her a bottle so you don’t have to cook. You leave her with whoever will watch her so you can go get your dick wet. The only reason you want FULL CUSTODY is so you don’t have to pay child support. You won’t have to, I don’t fucking want it. I want my kid to be with a parent who gives a shit. One who’d rather fall asleep on the couch watching Spongebob WITH her than fall asleep in her own bed, reading a book. She deserves to be with the parent who puts her before anyone else. My entire life is devoted to that child, and you just don’t want to look like a shitty dad. Ok don’t. Don’t look like a dad at all. I refuse to force you to be in your child’s life. I played both parents to your kid, and I was raised without a dad. I got this shit.

You are a piece of shit. And I am sooo tired of hearing your bullshit about how you “lost” my number so you couldn’t call your kid. Just give up, you won’t win anyway. You don’t fuck with a mamma bear and expect to still play with her cub. FUCK YOU, THAT’S MY KID.

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  1. starshine 8 years ago

    You are a badass, đŸ˜€ u make me proud to be a woman and I hope i can learn to be that strong! U make me feel not as sad about my ex and more angry for him being a douche. Wasting tears on some jerkwad whos only after the next girl, no way. U go girl!!

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