I’m sorry for hurting you

I’m sorry for hurting you

I’m sorry for hurting you

Saige, I can’t express in words how horrible I’m feeling without you in my life. The past three years held some of the greatest moments of my life and it was all because of you. Somewhere along the line I stopped realizing how amazing you were and took you for granted. I cheated and even though I realized I was wrong and ended it I still lied to you. It hurts so much knowing that this pain I’m feeling is coming directly from my actions.

I get emotional at least 5 times a day and struggle daily to not contact you. I found out about this new guy you’ve met and the pain I feel is uncontrollable. However I just wanted to say that I hope he makes you happy, because that’s all I really want for you. Hopefully as the time we spend apart becomes greater you realize that I do truly care and I am terribly sorry. Maybe then we can become friends. I will always love you. Forever and ever.


  1. Bill 8 years ago

    Know just how you feel Dude. Hope it works out for you.


  2. Bill 8 years ago

    Know just how you feel . Hope it works out for you. Best wishes for the future.

  3. Victoria 7 years ago

    A popular quote, “you always hurt the one you love”!!!

    I loved my ex, with all his faults and foibles. I forgave him, despite all the women, friends and gambling I have to compete with. It is easy to forget and forgive if the feeling of love and trust is there; when it is gone NO amount of tears, begging and presents will bring that love and trust. When Humpty Dumpty fell…no one can put him back together.
    I am sure your wife forgave you and wishes you all the best. All you need to do is to forgive yourself.

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